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日本語版はこちら CONCEPT A derivative of “ORI-MULTIDEMENSIONAL-LION“. I made this to show the fun of how r … Continued


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It is difficult to create a work that is easy to fold with a great finish, because good design is constrained by ease of folding. But then it occurred to me that even within my own works, the simpler shapes have a more beautiful appearance.


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I think that when we interpret a word, we compare it with the vague image we have of it. For example, when you see the word “houseplant,” that’s what you think of in your mind. I want to actually take that vague image in my mind and look at it carefully.


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In this sense, these works are not only a study of a single subject, but also an experimental field of origami techniques. The results of some of these experiments will be summarized in this article for the sake of organization and documentation.